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Frequently Asked Questions




What can you repair?

We repair mobile phones ,Computers ,iMac , laptops,TV ,Game Console and tablets of many different makes, please call us on 020 7431 1223 and we will be pleased to discuss your repair in more detail.


What happens if I don't know what the fault is?

This is quite common and we suggest you call us on 020 7431 1223  and speak to one of our engineers who will be able to give you an idea of the problem and the cost to repair. When you send the item for repair , we will check it again and make sure the diagnosis is correct. If it requires further work we will contact you before starting work with an updated quote. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, we will return the item without any fee.


What happens if I drop the phone in liquid?

It varies; sometimes a minor splash can cause major corrosion if the device remains wet and other times a complete immersion can be easily repaired. We recommend that you immediately turn the phone off, remove the battery and SIM card and place it on an absorbent cloth in a warm area.


The Phone screen is broken, how do I know what the fault is?

There are two components that may be affected here - the touch screen (the bit you touch with your finger) and the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - the part that displays the contents of your phone. If the screen is broken but you can view the display properly then Touch Screen needs to be replaced. If the display is unreadable or blank then it is likely you will need to replace both the Touch Screen and the LCD. Please call us on 020 7431 1223  if you aren't sure.


Will I lose all my files and data when the phone is repaired?

In some circumstances we might have to reinstall factory settings or even 'root' the phone which means data will be lost. We advise all our clients to backup up their phones regularly to one of the many cloud services, however if this is not done we cannot guarantee the data can be saved. In many cases - where a mechanical replacement is provided, your data will not be affected.


What to do when your Computer ,Laptop or Desktop is failing: 
Turn it off immediately - further operation may damage data beyond repair

Do not restart it

Do not install or re-install any software

Do not shake, disassemble, remove or attempt to clean a suspected damaged hard drive - improper handling may cause more damage

Do not use file recovery or other utility software to attempt repair for a damaged or failed drive

Do not attempt to dry a wet computer/laptop 

Never attempt to operate any visibly damaged devices

Contact data recovery specialists or Call us on  020 7431 1223

How do you charge the payent for the repair?
Once the repair is complete, if you are a corporate customer with 30 day payment terms we will send the phone back straight away. If you do not have 30 day payment terms, you can pay using cash, credit/debit card or cheque.
Recycling Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I recycle my computer hardware and peripherals?


Computer hardware and peripherals should be recycled for two primary reasons:


The materials in the products can be re-used in the production of new products, minimizing the amount of material that goes into landfills and the need for raw materials.


Some of the component materials must be disposed of or re-used in a specific manner to protect the environment.


What do I do with the data on my hard drive?

Before you recycle or donate your product, you will need to back up any necessary data and remove all data from your hard drive. You are responsible for the deletion of all data that may be contained with the computer hardware.


Kam Computers can help you do data cleanse at no cost to you if you are donating your old computer to us for re-use. 


Does Kam Computers encourage its customers to recycle?

Yes. In our workshop and on-site support, Kam Computers customers are challenged to identify solutions that reduce waste and increase recycling.


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