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Wondering who to turn to for your various computer, Laptop or Mobile repair needs and questions? Usually there are several computer - related businesses that each address only one aspect of repairing a computer - fortunately kam Computers and Mobiles IT Solution is happy to deal with your questions and computer needs all in one go!

Kam Computers & Mobiles offers a wide variety of comprehensive IT Services and benefits that are designed to cater to the specific needs of home and business computer users in the UK. 


we provide support for all makes and models of desktop computers including upgrades and maintenance. We do pc upgrade, pc power supply unit, pc memory (RAM), pc video card, pc audio/sound card, pc internal wireless, pc motherboard, pc cpu/processor, pc bios battery, pc ethernet card, pc usb port, etc.



           LAPTOP REPAIR

We provide laptop hardware and software repair for all brands of laptop even if not bought in the UK or in another language other than English. Repairs includes laptop screen, laptop keyboard, laptop cover, laptop power jack dc socket, laptop BIOS password, laptop password removal, laptop virus removal, laptop hardware, laptop software, laptop mouse pad, laptop click button, laptop lcd, laptop hinge, laptop power button, laptop dvd, laptop memory (RAM), laptop hard drive, Windows password removal, laptop virus removal, laptop data recovery, laptop backup, laptop blue and or balck screen.

         iPHONE REPAIR

We can fix your iPhone cracked screen, iPhone cover, iPhone home button, iPhone charging port, iPhone volume button, iPhone iPhone mute button, iPhone headphone, iPhone earpiece, iPhone power button, iPhone battery, all iPhone models can be repair and replaced with new parts.


No Fix No Fee Guarantee! 

If we can't a find solution to your computer problem, you don't pay anything, you have got nothing to loose!

Free PC Diagnostics In-Store 

We offer free pc diagnostics for basic checks and paid diagnostics for extensive diagnostics. We charge a fixed fee for Apple computer diagnostics (any chargeable diagnostics fee will be part of repair cost).





We Provide full support for Android smartphones, Android tablets, Android netbooks, Android laptop computers and other Android machines.



We provide quick data recovery services for crashed laptop hard drive, damaged pc hard disc, deleted hard drive, emergency hard drive data, external hard drive, internal hard drive, Apple Mac hard drive data, iPad hard drive data, iPhone hard drive back-up, photo recovery, music recovery, file recovery, Windows recovery, documents recovery, etc.


                LAPTOP SCREEN                                     REPLACEMENT

We provide replacement service for any laptop lcd, laptop screen, laptop inverter, laptop backlight, damaged, crakced or broken for Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Sony VAIO, HP, Advent, Lenovo, IBM, Fujitsu, NEC, Sharp, Panasonic, Alienware, Samsung, Packard Bell, eMachines, Gateway, Compaq, Apple, etc



We provide quick and effective virus removal and protection service for home and businesses computers . Call us whenever and whatever time you need clean your machine.



We provide on-site and off-site repair and maintenance service for home computers on pay as you go or contract repair package.


We buy and sell Refurbished , Mobiles, laptops, pc, Mac and iPads and we sell computer & Mobile accessories: new and used spare parts.

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